Basic recommendation for buying an AR-15

AR-15 is the most demanded firearm which everyone who wants to buy a firearm, wants to have. For the first time buyers, it will be very difficult to choose any one particular design to buy. As they have no previous experience to buy a gun, they may end up buying an ordinary piece of the gun, which will not serve them as the expectation. Price is also should be an important thing to consider while buying an AR-15. The price of the AR-15 is not low. You have to invest a decent amount of money to own an AR-15. You need to be careful enough to choose the right investment option for you. Here I am sharing my experience to get the best firearm spending less.

You will have two option of buying an AR-15. You can buy a readymade gun from the shop which may exceed your expectation or not. However, before buying one from the shop, you need to understand the configuration and specification of the gun. You will get informed about the specification of the arm while buying. If you do some research before buying it, you can tell your requirements and get the exact thing. The second option is buying each part separately and then combine these altogether. Buying things separately you can save money and build the best-configured arm. The basic configuration of an Ar-15 should have the following things.

1. From the three types of configuration of the AR-15, as a first-time buyer, you can choose the mid-length barrel configured AR-15. Its compact design and the lightweight feature is suitable for the first time users. It comes with the 16" barrel which is handy and easy to use.

2. For the hand guard, you can pick any standard quality material. Plastic or quality free floated rail is easy to use for the first time user.

3. Rather going for a fancy collapsible stock, you can choose a quality one. After being used to a gun, you can be customized it with more powerful and fancy configuration.

4. Then you should look for the good quality pistol grip. Selecting pistol grip is important for holding the gun properly.

5. The trigger should always be on point for the gun.

These are the most basic things to look for the AR-15. You can buy the lower receiver, rifle, and the upper receiver separately with your desired specification. Then you have to set up all of the things accurately. If you don't have any idea how to set things in an accurate way, you can watch the tutorial of fixing the things in a correct way. After setting up the first rifle in an accurate way, you can customize the second one with more advanced configuration and specification.